What is a GreenPoint Rating?

SD Green Rating is a Certified GreenPoint Rater and has helped dozens of single and multifamily homes earn over A GreenPoint Rating is a tracking system for a single or multifamily residential project that is pursuing a GreenPoint Rated Certification. It is available for new construction or for a remodel.

A GreenPoint certification allows the owner to specify the green building features that they want to incorporate into building or remodeling and provides a process to inspect and document that the features have been met.

Why would someone pursue a GreenPoint Rating?

Often people have sustainability goals for their project. Maybe they want to save energy, save water, or ensure that nontoxic materials and/or finishes are used during construction. Maybe they are concerned about pests or indoor air quality, noise, or durability. There are many reasons and many solutions.

An Owner might consider a GreenPoint Rating if:

  • They have an absolute idea of what they want, and they’d like it to be quality checked, inspected, and to receive a certification.
  • They have some ideas, but could use some more structure for putting them into verifiable measures. Perhaps they’d like some additional suggestions, technical info, and/or contacts.
  • They have no idea what exactly they’d like to do, but know that they’d like to go through the process because it’s the smart, right thing to do.

Are there incentives for a GreenPoint Rated project?

Some Cities and Counties offer expedited permit processing, and financial incentives for GreenPoint Rated projects. For example, the City of Encinitas has a green building incentive program that expedites permitting for GreenPoint Rated projects. Contact your local City or County or other building permitting agency to learn more.

Some past GreenPoint Rated Certified projects